Reimagining the relationship between people, pets and cities.
At GoChip, we care about animal welfare. We make hardware and software to revolutionize animal identification and provide effective tools for animal tracking, disease mitigation, and digital licensing. Every animal has a story and GoChip technology tells that story. Because healthy animals make healthy communities.
Andy Gibson
Worldwide Veterinary Services
The ability to write dog-specific data directly to and retrieve it from the GoChip using smartphones would transform the management of large-scale dog sterilization programmes.
Animal Management
Current State
Managing animal data collection and analysis is completed using a combination of products and processes that requires constant management and upkeep in order to effectively inform animal management programs using "Catch, Treat and Release" processes.
Manual Registries
Unverified Data
Labour Intensive
No Analytics
GoChip’s Solution
With the aim of solving animal identification for animal population management, GoChip's patented technology supplants existing microchip suppliers, RFID scanner suppliers, on-premise or self-made databases, and replaces complex spreadsheets.
Digital Registry
Authenticated Data
Customized and
Shareable Reports
Data Insights
Are you part of an NGO or AWO looking for a new and innovative data management solution? We’d love to hear from you!
Become a Partner
Mission Rabies & WVS
City of Denpasar
University of Edinburgh
Dan Fine
As a retired IT-executive I know the importance of leveraging technology to solve a problem…These guys know how to communicate, respond quickly and act as partners.
Akarsh Hebbar
The only way to scale solutions that can tackle the massive challenge of dog population management is to adopt technology and GoChip technology represents the best solution that we have seen to date.
Gunawan Wahab
The team's vision and the value they bring to every stakeholder in the pet industry—from shelters and vets to breeders, guardians, and even platforms like Petskita—is extraordinary.
Sudha Narayan
This will be a path breaking database on the types and nature of cases that come to our Trauma centre.
City Corporation of Panaji
This revolutionary technology allows us to keep track of our canine companions, giving us the ability to check and verify their vaccination status.
Luke Gamble
Mission Rabies
A complete game changer.
Start A Pilot
GoChip will set up and guide you every step of the process.
How it works
Explore your needs to tailor a solution.
Deliver hardware, including microchips and Bluetooth scanners.
Onboarding train your team to GoChip platform.
Collect feedback &
provide ongoing support.
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Levin Kolalo
GoChip Indonesia Advisor
I believe GoChip is a visionary in animal identification technology, and its GUDI system significantly improves disease management within the complex world of animal-human interaction.
Company Journey
Dec 2023
Pilot partners, the village of Sanur Kaja denpasar Bali!
Nov 2023
Finalist for “Startup of the Year” in Victoria
Oct 2023
Recognized by entrepreneurship@UBC  as one of BC’s top 10 startups.
Oct 2023
GUDI Technology by GoChip: A Game-Changer in Combating Rabies and ...
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