Our technology

Ensuring the health of large animal, populations has historically been a challenge. The paper-based, labor-intensive tools and systems have proved inadequate for disease mitigation and animal management. GoChip’s hardware and digital ID platform effectively monitor animal populations to improve the health and well-being of communities around the world.

Our hardware


GoChip is an external tag designed to be placed on an animal’s ear or on a collar. It combines Near Field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth technology and sensors that can store a wide range of information, including identification, geolocated data, ownership and government records, as well as medical records. This valuable information is instantly accessible to read or edit by trusted stakeholders who are connected to an animal.  At less than 20 millimeters and 3 grams, our GoNano is about the size of a dime and weighs as much as two pieces of paper. It is readable from a distance of up to 200 meters with a battery that is optimized for the 10-year average lifespan of a dog and never needs to be replaced. 


GoBeacon is a powerful scanner that reads the information in a GoNano to track a specific animal’s movement or gather insights into the movement of animals more generally. 


GoChip is a patent-pending microchip implant that is readable from a smartphone.

Our software

A GUDI or GoChip Unified Digital Identification

A GUDI represents the consolidation of information from every stakeholder in an animal’s life. This combination of data and records tells a complete story and due to the transparent and synergistic design of the GoChip platform, all trusted stakeholders are able to access and share mutually beneficial records. This leads to better outcomes for the animal and the community in which it lives.


GUDI Dashboard

Gudi Dashboard is a web-based, animal ID platform that empowers organizations to better manage animal populations, whether in a shelter or feral environment. It efficiently manages identification, medical procedures, data reports, and program deployments such as vaccination, spay/neutering, and pet licensing/registration. A unique GUDI is assigned to each animal, which can be accessed through this cloud-based service or by direct scanning. 


In the spirit of a global “One Health” approach, we are collaborating internationally with communities, animal shelters, veterinarians, and governments to improve animal welfare and responsible pet guardianship.  At GoChip, our vision is to create an interconnected digital ecosystem or “GoCloud” where all stakeholders can interact and share information to improve the health of animals, people, and the environment.  GUDI and the GUDI Dashboard allow governments, researchers, NGOs, shelters/rescues and animal guardians to efficiently manage the large amounts of data necessary to ensure the health and well-being of animal populations. GoChip Animal Technology provides a digital solution for animal welfare and animal management, built for our modern world.