Our story

Sitting at a café in Shenzhen, China in 2018, GoChip Pet Technology founder Alexander Von Kaldenberg looked down and saw a small, hungry dog begging for food at his feet. The dog didn’t look like the typical street dog common to the area. With his fluffy coat and small size, he appeared to be someone’s lost pet. With no way to know the dog’s story, it made him think – why, when we use our phones for so many things, can’t we use our phones to identify lost animals?


This was the initial spark that ignited a vision for what GoChip is today – a business that strives to reimagine the relationship between people, animals, and cities by ensuring that every animal and their story is Always FoundTM. What started as an idea to help lost pets, quickly gained traction as a wider application for animal welfare. Using a combination of GoChip’s innovative hardware and software platform, we are dedicated to helping communities around the world manage the health and wellbeing of their community and
feral dog populations. Why? Because healthy animals make healthy communities.

You may be wondering what happened to the little dog in the café... After a few sleepovers with Alexander’s family, an expensive trip to a veterinarian to look for a traditional microchip, and many FOUND DOG posters later, the pup was never reunited to his original family, if he even had one. But don’t worry, the story has a happy ending. Alexander named him Peter and made sure to find the little pup a new home where he now spends his days loved and spoiled by his new family.


Our team

Meet the GoChip team

Alexander von Kaldenberg
Founder and CEO

Growing up in Vancouver on the west coast of Canada, Alexander developed a love for animals and a curiosity for technology, so it’s no surprise that he has built something right at the intersection of animal welfare and technology. Despite his love of the great outdoors and the allure of mountains and fresh ocean air, Alexander decided to test the “international” part of his international relations degree after graduating from the University of British Columbia. The not-so-short list of places he has lived include, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Phuket, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Athens, Berlin, and Toronto. In the past 10 years alone, he has traveled, lived and worked in more than 20 countries. He now lives in Victoria, British Columbia with his wife and their two children. 

Prior to starting GoChip, Alexander co-founded the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Southern China (CanChamPRD) and was Director of Marketing in Asia for Velas AG, the fastest EVM blockchain and ecosystem for smart contracts and dApps.  Alexander credits his dad for teaching him responsibility in the care of animals and that an animal’s needs always comes first. The lesson usually went something like this…“Nobody cares if you’re hungry, feed the dog before you sit down for supper.”And this responsibility of care extended beyond animals. Alexander also remembers being taught to notice nature around him. Whenever he pulled a leaf off a tree or kicked a rock as kids do, his father would ask him why he did it. Since there was never a good reason, this usually started a conversation about nature and the importance of how we interact with it. These lessons instilled an appreciation and respect for animals and the environment that Alexander has carried throughout his life. 

These days, when he’s not on a video call or at his other job (father of twin toddlers and night shift dishwasher), Alexander is an avid reader, gym enthusiast, and dedicated walker of Cordis, the Black Lab.

Adam Turnbull
Co-founder and Head of Solutions

Adam has been a technology enthusiast since he can remember. Growing up on a hobby farm in Ontario along the St. Lawrence River building websites from the age of 14 while taking care of the hobby farm cats and beloved family dog Bear, Adam is grateful to now be a co-founder and the Head of Solutions for GoChip. 
Adam started his first business at 19 years old while studying in Southern China, a natural fit coming from a long line of small business owners and entrepreneurs. Adam has spent much of his career in the education business starting with an educational content development studio he co-founded in 2006 that grew from 3 founders to a group of companies including an EdTech Incubator called ASK Idea Group, a feat that was recognized by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong in 2018 awarding him with “Entrepreneurial Achievement Under 35”. In 2018 Adam, alongside a group of like-minded Canadian entrepreneurs located in Southern China formed the Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Pearl River Delta and held the honour of founding President for nearly two years. An organization still active today. Adam moved to Kanata, Ontario Canada with his wife and two young children in 2020 where he has continued his mission to grow business that has a direct positive impact in communities and families. Continuing in the education technology market he spent his first 3 years back in Canada commercializing an AI-based assessment solution for early childhood education at iBlum Learning Company. Much of his storied career has been in developing solutions for clients that leverage innovation and creativity that once implemented, become a critical part of a client’s organizational success. GoChip is the perfect fit for Adam to continue to create and deliver innovative products to high-impact organizations in the animal management field and to pet guardians the world over. 

Bobby Lohcham
Head of Operations and International Projects

Born in Vancouver, Bobby split his childhood and teenage years between school in Vancouver and boarding school in India. The middle child of a very large and spirited extended family, both in Canada and India, has taught him about teamwork and the fine art of diplomacy. As the lead for GoChip’s international projects, Bobby witnessed first-hand the incredible work of Mission Rabies in Goa, India. Getting to know the animals they help, has given him an even deeper respect for all animals, especially dogs.Bobby graduated from the Operation Management Program at British Columbia Institute of Technology. Prior to his role at GoChip, he was the project manager for Spruce and Steel Homes in Vancouver and owned multiple restaurant franchises in the city.

Outside of work, Bobby enjoys reading, learning about technology, and studying film. He is passionate about mental health awareness and likes to start his day listening to classical music. Bobby also tries to practise Stoicism daily - the school of philosophy that believes the path to happiness is living an ethical life in accordance with nature. In a story as old as time, Bobby was pushed into getting a dog by his wife. He wasn’t against the idea because he loves dogs, but it took his wife to finally make it happen. They are now the proud pet parents of a mini-dachshund named Elon -named after….you guessed it…Elon Howard Eaton, the famous American ornithologist.(JK it’s the other famous Elon.)

Patrick Ozenne

As the CTO of GoChip, Patrick is the “technology” part of the GoChip Animal Technology team.  He is the founder and CEO of Connectlavie, a company specializing in hardware development. Patrick is a customer-oriented technologist with more than 15 years of executive experience in identifying, qualifying, implementing, and enabling technologies and solutions. He has extensive expertise in contact-less identification and security technology integration in IOT and mobile devices. Prior to founding Connectlavie, Patrick was Director of Product Marketing at NXP where he contributed to the development of Mobile NFC technology and its market.He graduated from Pierre and Marie Curie University in RF & Electronic Engineering and holds several patents in areas such as radio and NFC technology.

Born in Rouen, Normandy, France, Patrick currently resides in the South East of France. In his spare time, Patrick enjoys spending time with family, doing DIY projects and of course, good food.Patrick loves to be surrounded by the beauty of nature and believes we, as humans, must find ways to peacefully co-exist. As the developer of GoChip’s hardware, he is honoured to be working with people and organizations helping to build a better world including, Mission Rabies, Bali Animal Welfare Association and Worldwide Veterinary Service.

Patrick has travelled extensively and hopes the next time he travels it will be with his whole family, including his wife, two daughters, one son, and two grandchildren. But as the official cat guy of the GoChip team, he’ll probably have to leave his furry family members, Tim and Tom, at home.

Levin Kalalo
Indonesia Advisor

Levin Kalalo, a seasoned Project Consultant, Program Manager, and Business Strategic Advisor, is a valuable member of the GoChip team. Raised in Indonesia and now residing in Bali, Levin's journey is marked by his deep connection to nature and a steadfast commitment to making a difference.From a young age, Levin's fascination with animals and the natural world was nurtured through explorations and nature documentaries, igniting a lifelong passion. A standout achievement in his career was overseeing Indonesia's first island-wide rabies vaccination campaign from 2010 to 2011, a complex endeavor that required coordinating over 300 field staff at 3,400 vaccination spots, demonstrating his exceptional team leadership skills.Beyond his professional roles, Levin holds positions as a Senior Project Advisor in program management organizations and serves as the President of the Board of a Christian Organization in Bali, where he manages 13 distinct departments.Levin's educational background is in Program Management, and his interests encompass reading and sports. His beloved dog, Naru, is a cherished member of his family, reflecting his enduring love for animals.Levin is deeply committed to causes that resonate with him, including family, social relationships, and environmental conservation. He believes in the unique and significant purpose of every individual and upholds principles of integrity.In addition to his professional and volunteer work, Levin dedicates his time to the Youth Leadership Program in Bali and Indonesia, contributing to the development of future leaders. An interesting aspect of his life is his role as a church President of the board, spanning four terms, where he has honed his project, program, and human resource management skills while strengthening his ties to the community.Levin Kalalo's journey aligns perfectly with GoChip's mission at the intersection of technology, animal welfare, and environmental conservation. His expertise and unwavering dedication make him an invaluable advisor to our team.

Valli Fraser-Celin. PhD
One Health Advisor

Valli Fraser-Celin, PhD, our One Health Advisor at GoChip, embodies a profound passion for animals and the environment, combined with an unwavering commitment to positive change. Born in Montreal, Quebec, and now residing in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Valli's global journey has shaped her dedication to animal welfare and environmental well-being.With a PhD in Geography from the University of Guelph and recognition as a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholar from 2015 to 2018, Valli's academic excellence equips her to address pressing global challenges.Valli's diverse professional background includes roles as a Project Manager at the Ontario Veterinary College and a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary. Her knack for devising innovative solutions for complex issues enriches our team.Beyond her professional achievements, Valli is a fervent advocate for humane dog training and equitable veterinary care, actively engaging through her Instagram account, @thelivesofwilddogs, and serving as Vice-President of the Board of Trustees for the Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada.Valli's love for the outdoors extends beyond her work, with Northern Canada and southern Africa being her favorite travel destinations. Notably, she possesses an intriguing fear of wind, adding a unique dimension to her character.

Nima Zadrafi
Creative Director

Nima is a commercial photographer and founder and creative at The Glass Eye Productions. Confucius said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in  your life.” Nima is living proof that’s not just an old saying. He worked in sales, insurance and real estate before his passion for photography  evolved into a full-time career working with major brands like Dyson, Porsche and  Mercedes. He also has a YouTube channel about cars, cameras and photography. 

Born in Iran and raised in Richmond, British Columbia, Nima currently lives in  South Surrey, British Columbia with his wife and son. He graduated from the  University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in  Finance. Nima’s affinity for animals began when he and a girlfriend decided to adopt a shelter cat and later began volunteering at the shelter together. The girlfriend  soon became a wife because, as everyone knows, nothing keeps a partnership together like working for a cat. They eventually decided they wanted to spend  their lives vacuuming dog hair and now have an 11 year-old Samoyed named  Tintin. Outside of work, Nima enjoys photography and video creation…wait never mind…there is no outside of work when the hobby you love is your work.

Gavin Jackson
Project Lead, Software

Gavin brings decades of experience in software development to his role as project lead on GoChip’s software platform. With more than 30 years of experience working in IT, Gavin has worked and lived in many countries. In that time, he worked for one large corporation, founded and sold two software companies and has been a successful independent consultant. Gavin is co-founder and CEO of Syncrasy Limited, a company that focuses on data engineering for the modern world. Syncrasy provides extensible, scalable, and affordable pre-engineered “end-to-end” solutions for rapid solution deployments.

Gavin holds both a BA in Business Information Systems and an MBA from Colorado State University where he received a LEAD award (Leadership, Excellence and Academic Distinction) during his MBA studies.

His passion for animals, especially animals in the wild, began in his early teens when he was living in Botswana. He had the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time in the bush and meet people who have devoted their life to the understanding and protection of animals. With GoChip, Gavin is thrilled to be working with Mission Rabies and witness the vital work they do around the world.Born in Sheffield, UK, Gavin has experienced a good chunk of the world. He has lived in (in reverse order): Boulder, Colorado, USA, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, Geneva, Switzerland, Jersey Channel Islands, UK, Dar-Es, Salem, Tanzania, Gaborone, Botswana, Lagos, Nigeria, Tehran, Iran, Doncaster, UK

Alwyn Sebastian
Legal Counsel

Alwyn Sebastian is a partner with TSA Law in Bengaluru, India specializing in criminal litigation. He is passionate about social justice issues and works to protect the rights of marginalized people, children, and animals. In addition to GoChip, Alwyn is also a legal advisor to organizations in India including: Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA) a non-profit animal welfare organization in Bangalore. People For Animals (PFA) in Bangalore and Mysuru. PFA is an organization that rescues, treats, and rehabilitates urban wild animals. Action Alliance for Recycling Beverage Cartons (AARC) is an industry initiative that is committed to strengthening the beverage carton recycling ecosystems.
Muktha Foundation is a non-profit focussing on training, research, and advocacy to prevent abuse and promote mental health.Hasiru Dala is a social impact organisation that works with waste pickers and other waste workers to ensure a life with dignity. Alwyn also provides advisory support to the Animal Husbandry Department, Government of Karnataka, India.